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Is CBD Use Allowed in the Military

Is CBD Use Allowed in the Military

According to a Defense Department memo, US troops are not allowed to use products derived from hemp or cannabidiol. So, Is CBD Use Allowed in the Military?

Although the use of CBD is legal in the US on the federal level, two Department of Defense services have issued guidelines about restricting the use of any type of CBD products. Is CBD Use Allowed in the Military?

Is CBD Use Allowed in the MilitaryThe main reason for this is that drug tests cannot really differentiate whether an individual consumed marijuana or CBD containing trace amounts of THC. Donovan explained CBD prohibition by the fact that the military drug testing program needs to be protected to ensure accurate results.

In fact, CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in most US states. However, the lack of regulations leads to the production of unreliable CBD products on the market. Even if the product has been advertised to include less than .3% THC, it might contain higher levels of psychoactive compound, which leads to positive drug tests.

The only exceptions include:

  • The use of CBD by authorized military personnel for medical purposes;
  • If one was not aware that the consumed products contained hemp or CBD;
  • If one was taking CBD in accordance with legitimate law enforcement duties;
  • If one was taking FDA-approved drugs containing CBD or synthetic cannabis.

According to the Navy’s policy, marines and sailors are not allowed to ingest CBD or other hemp-derived products, but they can use CBD topicals. The Coast Guard’s regulations prohibit the use of ingestible products made of hemp oil or hemp seed oil but allow the consumption of edibles containing CBD.

While research is still relatively sparse, there are a growing number of studies backing many of these claims. Littrel specifically mentioned research out of Israel that linked CBD with faster recovery from traumatic brain injuries in mice.

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“In the military, the biggest thing is, when you get an injury, it’s getting back in the fight—how quickly can you get back on your feet, get back in the fight, and take retaliation back on the enemy?” said Littrel. “If CBD can help our active-duty members return to service quicker, why in the world do we not allow that?”

Many experts sound caution, however. “The research [on the health benefits of CBD] is kind of lacking. There’s not a lot of good evidence for different conditions, but that’s not saying it doesn’t do anything,” Ryan Marino, an emergency medicine physician and toxicologist practicing in Ohio, told Filter. “The human body has CBD receptors within the nervous system, so it totally makes sense that it does something. I think high doses is where we will see effects … A few years from now, there will probably be more evidence saying CBD does things for other conditions.”


Is CBD Use Permitted in Sports?

Generally speaking, athletes are allowed to use CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC. However, if the THC level in the urine is above 150ng/mL, the drug test will be considered as positive. CBD is the only cannabinoid permitted to be used by athletes. The use of any other cannabinoid is punitive. Synthetic cannabinoids are prohibited as well.

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Since it is hardly possible to ensure that a specific CBD product does not contain more than 0.3% THC, CBD consumption might be risky for athletes. The only way to check the composition of a particular CBD good is to check the certification of analysis listing all the product components.

As long as the athlete uses CBD products that are low in THC, or THC (along with other cannabinoids) has already cleared from the system, he/she does not violate the anti-doping rule. In other words, athletes are only required to pass drug tests and it is at their own risk whether they consume CBD products or not.

Why Do UFC Fighters Use CBD Products?

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UFC fighters commonly use various CBD products to relieve pain during or after the fights. As CBD is a non-psychoactive treatment for pain, WADA allows the fighters to use the products derived from it. However, the consumption of any other cannabinoid is prohibited. If fighters test positive for THC, they will be punished accordingly.

Nate Diaz was the very first UFC fighter to declare himself as a CBD user. During an interview right after a fight vs. Conor McGregor, Nate was taking CBD using a vaporizer. According to Nate Diaz, CBD promotes faster recoveries after fights and simply makes his life less complicated.

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