Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand
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Guide to Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

It’s incredibly great that we have a plethora of CBD products to choose from nowadays. A quick search on your browser will bring you thousands of options, some of which come with high recommendations from wellness experts and fellow CBD users. Numerous cannabis shops and dispensaries have also sprouted all over the states where hemp is currently legal.

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

Let’s think for a moment though. Are we supposed to trust right away the first few CBD brands you see on your screen? Is it okay to believe the word of the local storekeeper about which CBD products we should try? Every CBD company claims its products can do this and that, but can we take a chance and just hope for the best?

You’re free to make any of these decisions, but know that by doing so, you’re leaving yourself at risk of buying a substandard CBD product that is not worth your money. Some people have become disillusioned with CBD as a natural wellness solution because of such experiences. That’s why we’re taking our time now to guide you on how to find a CBD brand that you can trust.

We will share with you some of our essential checkpoints when researching and evaluating CBD companies and their product selections, in hopes that you’d keep our advice in mind while you go CBD shopping.

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

If you want to check out some of the best CBD brands that we have found, take a look at the ones below. Each one we have listed here are brands that we have vetted carefully and are confident that they are legit companies that offer safe products.


If you’re not quite ready to choose a CBD brand to try out, continue reading through this article to find out more about how you can spot a CBD company that you can really trust.

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

Certified by the US Hemp Authority


Even though the US federal government has legalized hemp in 2018, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not yet clearly defined how this industry should be regulated. Of course, they have issued guidelines on the manufacturing and marketing of CBD products, but not all CBD companies observe them when they prioritize profit over quality.

To help bridge this gap, the US Hemp Roundtable, along with other testing laboratories, quality experts, and industry leaders, have joined together to initiate the US Hemp Authority Certification program. This program aims to:

  • Educate hemp farmers as a way to ensure that they are observing the FDA hemp regulations and applying the best farming practices
  • Encourage CBD manufacturers and brand owners to follow GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards and improve their product labels

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

The objectives of the program benefit not only the hemp growers and CBD business owners who will gain higher credibility, but also the retailers and consumers like us. We can rest assured that companies with this certification have passed a third-party quality audit, which recurs annually since the industry standards and regulations for hemp are not fixed in stone.

At the time of writing, the US Hemp Authority has certified 29 CBD companies. Refer to the list on the official website of the organization to check if the CBD product you’re interested to purchase is from a company that bears this seal of quality and safety.

Highly Rated by Independent Review Sites and BBB

While many of the top CBD brands proudly display good customer feedback on their websites, some companies cherry-pick it as a means of convincing customers to proceed with their orders. That’s not exactly a reason to distrust a company, but you might not be seeing the whole picture if you would just stick with those reviews.

Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand

Therefore, we suggest going through the evaluations posted on independent review sites that focus on natural health and wellness products. The keyword here is “independent” since it tells us that the team behind the review is not affiliated or being paid by CBD brands to recommended their products.

For the most comprehensive list of Certified CBD Products go to


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