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CBD For Focus

CBD for Focus

Can I improve my focus? Hold that thought.

Long and colleagues performed a study on anxious mice with CBD implemented. The mice were given cannabidiol every day for 3 weeks and observed that there were no anxiolytic effects found.

Another study done with rats concluded that lower doses of CBD (2.5, 5, 10 mg/kg) showed a significant increase in focus and confidence with entering the maze.

Researchers are working on it. For now, there are animal studies showing promise that cannabidiol may enhance focus.  


CBD Oil, Memory, and Focus: What the Research Says

In a 2004 rat study published in Neuropharmacology found that rats taking CBD-rich extracts had no effect on working / short-term memory. On the other hand, rats who were dosed with THC-rich extract experienced a working / short-term memory deficit. Thus, suggesting that working / short-term memory is not sensitive to CBD-rich extracts.

As for pure CBD, there was no found effect of CBD-rich extracts on working / short-term memory. 

CBD for Focus


A review published in 2018 in Psychopharmacology, researchers analyzed how cannabinoids modulate memory processing through interactions with the ventral hippocampus and mesolimbic dopamine system. When comparing the effects THC and CBD on signaling pathways, researchers found that molecular effects induced with CBD directly oppose those observed of THC. CBD exerts its effects through interacting with 5-HT1A and THC targets its effects through the CB1 receptors. This means that THC and CBD differentially control mesocorticolimbic dopamine (DA) activity states and emotional memory processing.

CBD displays antipsychotic properties and can help modulate emotional memory processing.


CBD For Focus


Recently, an open-label clinical trial demonstrated therapeutic effects of prolonged cannabidiol treatment on psychological symptoms and cognitive function. 20 frequent cannabis users underwent a 10-week open-label trial of 200 mg of oral-use CBD treatment. Psychological and cognitive assessments were completed at baseline and post-treatment. The CBD was found to be well tolerated with no reported side effects. Participants reported significantly fewer depressive and psychotic-like symptoms at post-treatment relative to baseline and exhibited improvements in verbal learning and memory.

Prolonged CBD treatment appears to have promising therapeutic effects for improving cognition, memory, learning, and decreasing loss of memories. 

CBD for Focus

CBD for Focus

Recently published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, a 2019 study assessed the effects of THC and CBD on fear memory reconsolidation in rats. The rats received six continuous foot shocks (to initiate fear). 24 hours later, the rats were re-exposed to the shocks (to recall fear). Directly after the recall of shocks, the rats received an oral administration of low dose THC alone, high dose THC, CBD alone, CBD + low dose THC, CBD + high dose THC. Researchers found that CBD alone significantly reduced the fear memory. A combination of CBD and THC also reduced the fear response. THC was only found to reduce reconsolidation of learned fear only when administered with CBD.

CBD alone was found to significantly reduce the fear response memory.

An update on memory function, published in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, discussed the acute and chronic effects of cannabis on memory. In acute effects, CBD may be a protective measure for some aspects of memory by inhibiting THC-induced impairments. CBD may have therapeutic potential in reversing certain cognitive impairments induced by THC in cannabis. In chronic effects, CBD may reverse some of the neurobiological and behavioral effects of THC. Also, cannabis high in CBD and low in THC may help reduce memory impairment.

Acute and chronic effects of CBD have therapeutic potential in reversing cognitive and memory impairments and preventing memory loss. 


CBD For Focus


How to Use CBD Oil to Improve Your Memory

Whether you’re a first timer using cannabidiol or are just wanting to focus more on staying consistent with your routine, it’s applicable to everyone.

CBD for Focus

Taking a dosage that you’re comfortable with is up to you (as well as when you take it)! Customers have reported that taking CBD in the morning helps boost their day and keep their focus. Customers have also reported that using CBD as a midday pick me up works great too!


We recommend starting out with 1 full droplet of tincture CBD and adjusting your dosage from there. You can always adjust how much you take once you figure out what feels appropriate for your needs.

CBD for Memory and Focus: Final Thoughts


Whether individuals are looking to help reduce memory impairments, improve learning and memory capabilities, or help modulate emotional processes, CBD oil holds true as a therapeutic, 100% natural method for improving memory and learning. These studies suggest that cognition and memory are valid and therapeutic targets for CBD oil.


However, further research needs to be done on human subjects and clinical trials to determine and assess the full efficacy of CBD oil as a treatment for memory. Large sample size, randomized control trials need to better assess the benefits and effects of CBD oil on neurological parameters, including their effects on cognitive and memory function. Until then, original research articles and systematic reviews suggesting that CBD has positive effects on memory hold true.



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