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Anger management — How to not get Worked up so easily


Green Roads How to Not Get Worked Up So Easily

You know you haven’t been yourself lately. You snap at the smallest things, you unintentionally lash out at those you love, and you feel like you might bubble over if one more thing goes wrong.

Let’s face it. Most of that comes from stress. But did you know there is an easy, plant-based way to manage daily stress? CBD is a non-intoxicating way to relax. After all, you have to support yourself any way you can sometimes.

The First Step: Recognize That Your Stress Levels Are High

Green Roads The First Step: Recognize That Your Stress Levels Are High

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.” And in the case of stress and feeling overwhelmed, this is definitely true! Sometimes, stress can blindside you, and before you know it, you’re worked up over something that usually wouldn’t phase you at all.

So, how do you stop your stress from getting that far? Start by identifying the physical symptoms of stress before they turn into a full-blown explosion. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a few signs that you may be experiencing significant stress are:

  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Jaw tension
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • A racing heart

Many people also feel exceptionally irritable or on edge when under stress. If your stress goes unchecked, you may find yourself getting worked up to the detriment of your long-term mental (and sometimes physical) health.

Anger management

How to Not Get Worked Up So Easily

Okay, okay — you’re stressed, and now you know it. What do you DO about it?

First things first, don’t give in to the temptation to shame yourself. Negative self-talk during a stressful situation will only serve to increase your stress, so here are a few things to try when you’re feeling worked up.

Green Roads Practice counted breathing.

Practice counted breathing.

When your stress is at peak intensity, it’s nearly impossible to turn your brain off. “Just take a deep breath,” is a good piece of advice for stressful situations, but in reality, sometimes your brain will still move at lightning speed, even as you try to breathe.

To combat this, give your brain a productive (but simple) task to focus on while you breathe: counting. You can choose to inhale and exhale to the count of a number of your choosing (4 is usually a good count to start with), or you can implement a specific breathing technique, like 4-7-8 breathing.

Here’s how to try 4-7-8 breathing: inhale through your nose and count to four, hold your breath while you count to seven, then slowly exhale through your mouth while you count to eight. You can count as slowly or as quickly as you’d like, but the main goal is to maintain the 4-7-8 ratio.

Green Roads Change your scenery

Change your scenery.

Much like walking away from an argument can help you healthily manage anger, getting some separation from a stressful environment can help you not get worked up over small things.

Changing your scenery can be as simple as taking your laptop and working from a different room in your home when you’re feeling stressed during work hours. Or, it can mean scheduling a weekend away from home with a friend to take an extended break from your usual surroundings. When you feel yourself getting worked up or you start to experience any physical symptoms of stress, it’s okay to excuse yourself from a stressful situation for a moment (or a while).

Green Roads Write it out (but in a free-form way)

Write it out (but in a free-form way).

Anger Management

All you can think about is your stressful situation — What caused it? How could you have prevented it? What you’re going to do about it. How it’s making you feel. How you’re going to manage the way it makes you feel. — the list goes on and on. Why not get some of those things out of your head and onto paper?

Set a timer for five minutes and write down everything that’s bumping around in your brain, rapid-fire style. Then, rip the paper into tiny shreds and throw the pieces away. This exercise can help you remember that you — not your stressors — are in control of your life, and it can help quiet your busy mind so you can calmly consider your next steps in the situation.

Shake it out, dance, or exercise to release some of your worked-up energy.

Relaxation techniques like meditation and journaling can help calm your mind, but what if your body feels too tense to calm down? Try a physical movement to help dispel some of your stress energy during a tense moment. It sounds silly, but physically shaking your body (picture a dog that’s shaking off water!) may help, or you can turn on some tunes and dance or power walk for a few minutes. When your brain is racing, sitting still for a deep breathing exercise can seem nearly impossible, but moving your body can help calm your energy so you can think clearly again.

Green Roads Shake it out, dance, or exercise to release some of your worked-up energy

Tend to Your Long-Term Mental Health

Anger managementThe above ideas and relaxation techniques can help you not get worked up over small things in a moment of acute stress. But here’s the thing: your long-term mental health depends on building a healthier stress response. Making lifestyle changes can help you feel better and become a happier person overall. Consider implementing new habits or practices like:

  • a consistent exercise routine (with some heart-pumping cardio!)
  • taking daily servings of CBD
  • calling a trusted friend at a set time each week to laugh and catch up
  • visiting a professional counselor or talk therapist for extra help when you feel overwhelmed
Green Roads Managing Stress with CBD

Managing Stress with CBD

Want to get a little better at stress management? CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help keep you in homeostasis, which is a balanced, relaxed equilibrium in your body. Learn more about how CBD works here. Certain types of CBD provide different benefits for different people. Ready to find the best fit? Green Roads is here to help.

Whether you need help managing everyday stress or you want to work on other aspects of your health and well-being, Green Roads has a high-quality, third-party-tested CBD product for you. Whatever you do, make time to show yourself kindness with gentle exercises and plant-based stress management techniques. Your body and mind will thank you!

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