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Sleep is crucial to keeping us healthy, recharging our bodies and brains, allowing our muscles time to recover from strain, and helping us regulate our weight, moods, and more. More and more of us are trying CBD for insomnia and sleep apneaCBD for jetlag, and combining CBD and melatonin for sleep.

Can CBD help us get our sleep patterns back on track? What are the best CBD sleep aids on the market? How do you know whether you’re getting enough sleep? How can you fight insomnia?

Let’s take a look at what CBD is, how CBD works, and what CBD might do to help you rest better.


cbdfx uk photo render gummies apple cider vinegar pouch mg apr CBD is short for cannabidiol. Okay, what’s that? Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, or a molecular compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t get you “high.”

Instead, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which is a series of chemical receptors that are closely interconnected with our central and peripheral nervous systems and other major systems throughout the body. These systems are responsible for several of the body’s most crucial functions, including (you guessed it) sleep.

When CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it imparts a wealth of therapeutic benefits. CBD fans all over the world swear by it for what they find to be relaxing benefits.


cbd and muscle recovery

As mentioned, one of the functions that the endocannabinoid system helps to regulate is sleep. The American Sleep Association notes that, in addition to interacting with receptors that affect our circadian rhythms, CBD might also address sleep-damaging anxiety and pain.

In addition to being relied upon by millions of people to help them relax, the best CBD sleep products combine the restful power of CBD with other beloved natural sleep aids like melatonin, valerian, chamomile, and more.

Another cannabinoid, CBN (or cannabinol), is often called the “ultimate relaxation cannabinoid.” It’s a distant cousin of THC. Though it’s generally not considered psychoactive (especially when taken orally), people do find it helps them fight insomnia. Products for sleeping, like CBD + CBN Night Capsules (which we’ll talk more about below), combine the properties of both cannabinoids for a powerful Entourage Effect.


CBD for InsomniaThe FDA wisely regulates against making definitive claims about CBD for insomnia, because all of the scientific research is still ongoing. While we can’t make medical claims about insomnia and CBD, we can say that many people look to CBD when they’re seeking a good night’s sleep.

By proactively winding down at night and practicing healthy bedtime habits, you can get a leg up on your sleeplessness while using CBD for insomnia.


There are some very simple hacks to help you get ready for a good night’s sleep in combination with a CBD sleep aid. Try some of these tonight:

  1. Put down your phone. The blue light from our phone and computer screens wreaks havoc on our sleep patterns. Try putting it down at least an hour before you want to crash.
  2. Get exercise, just not before bed. A healthy body and good exercise regime make fighting insomnia much, much easier. However, don’t work out too close to bed. Your body gets warmed up and your endorphin levels peak, making it hard to rest. Don’t work out within four hours of bedtime.
  3. Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Research shows a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal window for a peaceful sleep.
  4. Try a CBD sleep aid. Hey, that’s why you’re here, right? We’ll talk about specific CBD products for sleep below. Taking CBD by itself may be beneficial in helping you get to sleep, but if you need a little extra, we offer multiple CBD products with additional sleep aids. Using a sleep product with CBD, melatonin, valerian, and other natural sleep aids can help you catch ZZZs all the way to morning.



Like we mentioned above with CBD for insomnia, the FDA prohibits making definitive claims about CBD for sleep apnea. We wouldn’t put so much work into making sure we create pure, high-quality CBD products if we didn’t care about your safety.

Please consult with your physician before trying any new supplement, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. CBD for sleep apnea is a topic of a lot of scientific research that is underway, but your doctor knows best.


CBD For Sleep No one wants to experience insomnia while traveling. CBD sleep supplements, like our CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep are a common go-to for people on the go. Many a bedraggled traveler looks to CBD for sleep both during an international flight and afterward when trying to settle into a new time zone.


CBD Oil Sleep Tincture is our newest CBD sleep product. Made with CBD, CBN, our special blend of sleep terpenes, and melatonin, it’s the ultimate CBD oil for sleep. Our sleep tincture is available in three strengths — regular strength (1000mg of CBD and 150mg of CBN), extra strength (2000mg CBD, 300mg CBN) and maximum strength (4000mg CBD, 600mg CBN).

We also offer the popular CBD + CBN Calming Tincture, which is melatonin-free and available in a wider range of strengths, from 500mg to 6000mg full spectrum CBD. Many of us here at CBDfx swear by it when we need to chill.


Our CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep are packed with 50mg of CBD per serving, plus 5mg of melatonin for a one-two punch of restful goodness. In addition, these gummies are formulated with a blend of sleep terpenes, magnesium, and extracts of chamomile, lemon balm, and passion flower. They make a yummy evening treat, and are formulated to help you get to sleep and, thanks to the melatonin, stay asleep.

CBD For Sleep


Perfect for stocking up or for a soothing spa night at home, our CBD Sleep Set features our CBD + CBN Night Capsules, CBD Sleep Gummies, the CBD Oil Sleep Tincture and our very popular CBD-infused lavender face mask.

Though we’ve touted several of our CBD sleep aids, it’s worth noting this wonderfully relaxing CBD mask. The combination of 50mg of CBD with lavender in the face mask makes for a luxurious way to soften and calm your skin with the soothing power of lavender while reaping the relaxing benefits of both CBD and lavender.


Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) takes rest and relaxation to a whole new level. Our Delta-9 THC collection takes robust full spectrum CBD and tops off the THC tank, taking our THC content right up to the legal limit (less than 0.3%). That means extra relaxation benefits for you.


While all of our delta-9 THC products are legally compliant, it should be noted that THC can cause psychotropic effects, so we advise you to adhere to the recommended serving size and don’t drive or use heavy machinery if you’re using any of these products.


CBD For Sleep Relaxing with CBD doesn’t just apply to sleep aids. By getting creative when it’s time to wind down in the evening, you can receive the calming benefits of CBD in a multitude of ways.


In addition to the lavender face mask, our Soothing CBD Bath Bomb is a spa-worthy treat. This relaxing bath experience provides a boost of CBD, lavender essential oil, and Hawaiian black salt to soothe skin and sore muscles alike, sending you off into a blissful evening.

Topicals like our CBD Calming and Moisturizing Balm Stick with shea butter, lavender and tea tree oil can contribute to an indulgent evening massage. Speaking of massage, try adding our Lavender CBD Foot Cream to your luxurious evening wind down.


CBD For Sleep We don’t sleep enough. Whether it’s jet lag, anxiety, work stress, or the fallout of doom scrolling, we sleep too little and worry too much. From gaining weight to crankiness to depressed immune systems, this lack of sleep is taking a toll on many of us.

When our circadian rhythms suffer, we’re left feeling cranky, anxious, and exhausted. By establishing healthy nighttime routines like avoiding screens, calming our minds, listening to white noise, and avoiding heavy food or exercise too close to bed, we can get a head-start on better rest.

There’s a wide range of CBD sleep products available to meet every need and taste. Whether you’re battling insomnia, stress, or simply trying to calm your mind in the evening, CBD combined with healthy habits can be the door to a better night’s sleep and a healthier life.

CBD For Sleep


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