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Green Roads Feeling Zapped? How to Have More Energy After a Long Work Day

Feeling Zapped?
How to Have More Energy
After a Long Work Day

CBD And Energy

For most of us, our post-work plans are full of good intentions. We convince ourselves we’ll hit the gym, prepare a home-cooked meal, and maybe even spend some quality time with the family. But when it’s time to head home from work, we have no energy and endurance left to do much of anything, let alone exercise, cook, and clean!

Ready for a boost in your post-work energy levels? Learn what could be zapping your energy during the workday and how to not feel exhausted after work with a few simple changes to your routine.

Why Do We Feel So Tired After Work?

Green Roads Why Do We Feel So Tired After Work?

If you work in a physically demanding profession, it’s probably no secret as to why you’re tired at the end of the day. But if you spend your workday behind a desk, it would make sense to have a good amount of pent-up energy at the end of the day.

But if that was true, why then are so many of us — even those who spend most of the day behind a desk — completely and utterly exhausted after getting home from work? Much of it has to do with our mental and emotional state during the workday.

A typical workday can put your body under a lot more stress than you may realize! Whether it’s from an overbooked schedule, too many tasks to manage, looming deadlines, or a demanding boss, work pressures can mount up pretty quickly.

cbd and energy

While that may make for an exciting challenge for some people, it can leave others of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. If you’re constantly living with stress, much of your day is spent in a state of high-intensity emotion. Add in other stress factors in your life — like relationship issues, financial worries, health concerns, etc. — and your emotional state likely only intensifies.

So, what does this have to do with feeling zapped after work? Research shows that spending much of your day in a state of high-intensity emotion can be physiologically taxing. Feeling intense emotions like excitement, anxiety, or anger lights up the amygdala — the emotional center of the brain — and activates the sympathetic nervous system, also known as our fight-or-flight response. Combine this reaction with high amounts of caffeine and sugar throughout the day and our bodies quickly become overstimulated, impacting our ability to focus and regulate emotions.

It’s no wonder why so many of us feel tired after work! For most of the day, our bodies are on high alert, being drained of energy by our sensitive stress response. By the time you’re heading home, your energy is likely depleted, you’re mentally exhausted, and any motivation you had goes right out the window.

CBD And Energy

How to Have More Energy After Work

The good news is you don’t have to let your stress response run the show any longer. With some simple changes, it’s possible to better manage your stress and help save energy for all the post-work activities you want to enjoy. Here are some tips to promote improved energy levels during and after long days at work.

Green Roads How to Have More Energy After Work

1. Get Better Sleep at Night

Getting the most out of your day begins with a good night’s sleep. That’s easier said than done when you’re dealing with tight deadlines, early mornings, swirling thoughts, and any number of other disruptors that keep us from sleeping soundly.

Still, the CDC recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night. And if you want your energy reservoirs to stay full after a long workday, that sleep should be deep and restful.

cbd and muscle recovery

One useful method to getting a rejuvenating night of sleep is to establish a bedtime routine. Our bodies typically function best with predictable routines — unwinding at night by turning off devices, dimming lights, and drinking soothing tea are all great ways to prepare for sleep. But there’s one helpful addition to your bedtime routine you may not have tried before: plant-based CBD sleep products.

The blend of melatonin and cannabinoids in CBD products like CBDMD Sleep gummies or Sweet Sleep oil does a couple of things for your body. Melatonin is a part of your body’s natural sleep cycle, while CBD helps manage stress at the end of the day.

Supporting long-lasting energy and mental clarity during the day could be as simple as adding CBD to your bedtime routine.

2. Promote a Healthier Stress Response

cbd and energy

Promoting better energy levels can come down to stress management. While activating your stress response is a perfectly natural part of life, it’s best not to stay in this heightened physiological state for longer than necessary. Keeping your stress levels in check doesn’t just mean avoiding things that stress you out, it means actively doing things that make you happy, too!

You know what probably makes you happy? Chocolate! Popping a piece of good quality chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt away almost always lifts your spirits. If you combine the goodness of chocolate with the peace and calm offered by CBD, you’ve got the ideal way to de-stress a little bit. Maybe combine a bite of CBD chocolate with an afternoon walk in the fresh air to help clear your head.

cbd and energy

For a different type of relaxing treat, CBD gummies can help you de-stress any time of day. Simply throw some tasty CBD gummies in your bag before a long day at the office – easy to do with some of Green Roads’ small “on-the-go” packets – and you have a reliable source of calm, relaxed support ready whenever you need it.

(Yes, we know the note before this says to balance blood sugar levels! That does not mean you can’t ever enjoy a little something. As with all things, when it comes to CBD chocolate and CBD gummies, moderation is key!)

Green Roads Hydrate Throughout the Day

3. Hydrate Throughout the Day

There’s no way around it: hydration is key. Studies show that when your body is dehydrated, your energy levels can plummet and your brain function can suffer. Dehydration can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, and you may even suffer from headaches.

Additionally, that soda or sugary drink you might reach for to feel more energized may only dehydrate your body further.

So, how much water should you be drinking per day? The CDC recommends drinking water daily as opposed to sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages. This advice applies regardless of age, race, sex, body weight, or any other factor. Water is good for all of us! Especially because dehydration can cause unclear thinking, mood swings, constipation, kidney stones and more.

4. Try a Midday Pick-Me-Up — the Smart Way

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We know that midday slump can be a real challenge to overcome. While you’re nodding off in your chair, you might be tempted to grab a coffee to wake yourself up. But before you reach for that regular cup of joe, try a midday pick-me-up that combines both the uplifting effects of caffeine with the calming support of CBD: Energy Drinks.

Green Roads’ award-winning hemp flower coffee takes premium coffee from Colombia and combines it with American hemp. It’s the smart way to get through the day feeling great. Whereas regular coffee might leave you feeling jittery and overstimulated, hemp flower coffee offers wonderful flavor and can promote a balanced, focused type of energy. Remember that drinking coffee black can be a healthy habit if you are trying to moderate your sugar intake, too.

In other words, hemp flower coffee can deliver an energized body and a calm mind — perfect for tackling the last of your to-do’s before heading home for the day!

cbd and energy

Get Soothing CBD Support to Help Maintain Your Energy All Day

Are you in need of a good night’s sleep or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up during your workday? It’s time to introduce CBDWorldmall products into your daily routine. Our delicious CBD gummies or uplifting hemp flower coffees can be just the thing you’re looking for during the day, while our best-selling Sleepy CBD gummies, can help you ease into a great night’s sleep.

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