Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD
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Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD for ADHD?

Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD for ADHD?


Whether you’re a long-time cannabis enthusiast or just stepped into the magic land of its various products, you sure have heard about CBD. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is now taking over shelves all across the country.

Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD

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From the drug store around the corner to your local dispensary, CBD is the new star in town. There is a huge selection of products, including oils, tinctures, gummies, and more. It seems like people can’t just get enough of it.
CBD’s benefits are amazing: reduced arthritis symptoms, increased libido, balanced appetite, improved sleep quality, chronic pain relief, and the list goes on. But what about mental health disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? How safe is it for children with ADHD?
Here we want to dig deep into the above questions to understand the benefits of CBD for ADHD. Our high-quality CBdDoils interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system to reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.
What Is CBD?


Cannabis usage is as old as history. People from all around the world have always found ways to enjoy the multiple benefits of this plant. Studies have shown that there are over one hundred chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, THC and CBD being the two most prominent ones.
Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC, is the substance responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. On the other hand, CBD is the chemical ingredient mostly known for its many medical benefits.
CBD is derived from the hemp plant, a sibling of marijuana, which contains a higher percentage of cannabidiol. This substance has no psychoactive effect and doesn’t lead to any feeling of getting “high.”
That being said, the CBD market is now rapidly growing, boasting its products as the new trend in the health and fitness world. Topicals, gels, oils, capsules, lotions, sprays, there is something for every preference.
But, of course, this is not the variety that has made CBD so popular. The amazing benefits of this substance for different medical conditions are not news anymore. Check out our website to learn more about the Benefits of Taking CBD Oil Daily – CBD Oil Effects.
Is CBD Legal?


According to the 2018 Farm Bill, certain CBD products are legal in The United States. However, the rules can be confusing for some people. CBD products are only legal as long as they’re derived from the hemp plant and there is less than 0.3 percent of THC in them.
That being said, CBD products are legal on a federal level but may differ on a state level. So before making any purchases, ensure you are aware of the rules in your area.
ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder among children, which often lasts till adulthood. Scientists have classified ADHD into three types: predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, or a combination of these two.
Usually, the symptoms associated with this disorder are lack of concentration, impulsive behaviors, constant fidgeting, and excessive activeness. That being said, these symptoms can vary from one person to another.

Before talking about CBD and ADHD, we should note that there is a lack of large-scale studies in this field. We don’t know a lot yet, and most of our understanding comes from the ADHD community.
What Does Research Say About CBD for ADHD?
Research on CBD’s effects on ADHD is relatively new. Researchers have conducted studies on smoked and ingested cannabis for ADHD, and the findings are inconclusive.
However, later as the scientists started to examine the CBD effects alone, the results were more hopeful. Here are some of the possible benefits of CBD for ADHD:
CBD May Decrease Hyperactivity
According to studies on children’s autism spectrum, CBD may affect hyperactivity. However, it’s not clear yet whether there’s a direct effect between CBD and hyperactivity or not. The possible effects may have been merely a result of other medications.
CBD May Decrease ADHD Symptoms
When discussing CBD’s possible effects on ADHD symptoms, it’s important to clarify which symptoms are meant. Many people with ADHD often report struggling with burnout, exhaustion, and lack of motivation.

Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD

A recent study done in 2021 displayed a positive effect of CBD on healthcare workers who had burnout symptoms. Another controlled trial in 2017 found that adults with ADHD have reduced symptoms once they start using the cannabinoid medication named Sativex.
CBD May Decrease Anxiety Levels
Besides better-known symptoms of ADHD, another common problem many people with ADHD share is stress. High anxiety and stress levels also lead to other problems, such as lack of energy, insomnia, and loss of appetite.
Different studies have been done on the benefits of CBD for anxiety in children and adults. Results show positive effects on the majority of people who suffer from stress and other problems associated with it.
Benefits of CBD Products for Kids
The benefits of CBD oil are endless. However, when it comes to children, there’s more sensitivity. While people may use CBD for different conditions in children, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved its consumption under epilepsy.
Epilepsy or seizure disorder is an interruption of the brain’s normal activity, which can disrupt one’s life. The FDA has approved a medication named Epidiolex to reduce seizure symptoms in kids with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.
Epidiolex is made from pure CBD derived from Sativa strains. This drug has been studied in three randomized, controlled clinical trials with 516 patients, which showed a positive effect on seizure frequency.


However, there’s no guarantee that this medication has no side effects or risks. Make sure to discuss the benefits and potential risks with your doctor prior to any consumption. Possible side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Insomnia or poor sleep quality
  • Infections
  • Low energy level
  • Anxiety


Is It Safe to Give a Child CBD

Although the studies on adults show minimal side effects and risks, this may not be true for children too. CBD products are known as natural alternatives for pharmaceutical drugs. But it doesn’t mean that they have no potential risks.
If you have a child in the house, make sure all your CBD products are located in a safe place. This is especially important for edibles like gummies which can be mistaken for normal treats.

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