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How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

CBD gummies are a very convenient way to take CBD, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you get a bag of gummy candy, it might disappear before you’re halfway through an episode of your favorite show.
CBD gummies are a little different. Don’t dig into the bag and chow down. Here’s what you need to know about appropriate CBD dosages for gummies.
How Much CBD Should You Use Per Day?
CBD isn’t like a vitamin or a nutrient. There is no official recommended daily value of CBD because the human body can survive without it. Most serving suggestions come from the wellness community.
CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

It’s good to use those suggestions as guidelines, but you must remember that everyone is different. You may need more or less CBD to achieve your desired effects.
Most people find 25 mg of CBD per day the sweet spot. They’re able to experience the benefits they’re seeking. People who want continuous relief may use 50 mg of CBD per day. They’ll use 25 mg in the morning and another 25 mg at night.
If you’re new to CBD, 25 mg of CBD daily is a great starting point. You can take it in the morning to experience the benefits during your workouts, or you can take it at night if you’re interested in using CBD to support your body’s sleep process.
If you’d rather take things slow, you might experience benefits from 15 mg of CBD daily. You can try 15 mg daily for about two weeks to see how it makes you feel.
If you feel like you could do a little more, increase your dose to 25 mg daily. If you like where you’re at, there’s no reason to change your dosage.
How Much CBD Is in Each Gummy?
CBD Gummies

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The outside of a bag of CBD gummies will tell you how many milligrams of CBD the entire bag contains. Don’t confuse that with the amount of CBD per gummy.
Most of the time, the bag also states how much CBD is in each piece. If it isn’t clear, divide the amount of CBD per bag by the number of gummies it contains.
CBD gummies can be as mild as 5 mg per gummy or as high as 100 mg per gummy. Unless you’re a very experienced CBD user, you won’t need 100 mg gummies. High-CBD gummies are geared towards people who want intense relief.
On the other hand, there may not be much of a point in buying 5 mg CBD gummies. You’d need to eat three to five to achieve the desired effects. You’ll run out of the bag very quickly. Choosing a higher dose of gummy is less expensive and more efficient.
Can I Eat Too Many CBD Gummies?
You can absolutely eat too many CBD gummies. CBD gummies come in pre-portioned doses, just like gummy vitamins.
They each have an appropriate serving size. You don’t need to eat an entire bag of CBD gummies in one sitting. You really shouldn’t.
You only need enough CBD to produce benefits. Using more than that amount won’t offer additional benefits. If you’re in the mood to snack on some sweets, you’re better off buying a bag of plain gummy bears.
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The upper limit studied for daily use is 1,500 mg of CBD daily. This would be several bags of CBD gummies or more than an entire bottle of CBD oil. You’re unlikely to take too much CBD accidentally.
Although it’s impossible to fatally overdose on CBD, taking too much might cause some side effects. Overconsumption of CBD can lead to drowsiness or diarrhea.
How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?
Ideally, you should never have to do the math to figure out how many CBD gummies you should eat. The dosage is too low if you have to eat more than one.
If a single gummy is too strong for you, you can’t reliably or consistently split a gummy in half. Although each piece contains the listed amount of CBD, there’s no guarantee that the CBD is evenly dispersed throughout the gummy. One side may contain more CBD than the other side.
Choose a CBD gummy that already contains your desired daily dosage, and take just one CBD gummy daily. You can use two gummies daily if you’re using daytime and nighttime CBD.
How Many Times Per Day Should I Eat CBD Gummies?

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Since the effects of CBD gummies usually last about eight hours, you have a choice. You can take one CBD gummy once a day or eat a morning gummy and a night gummy.
Just give yourself an eight-hour window between the first gummy and the second gummy — that’s about the amount of time it will take for the benefits and effects of the first gummy to begin to taper off.
When To Use CBD in the Morning
You can use morning CBD to ease feelings of overwhelm and support the body’s stress management system throughout the day. You can also use them before your morning workout. By the end of your workout, your CBD gummies will have kicked in to provide post-workout recovery benefits.
It’s best to use CBD gummies before you eat your breakfast. They may take a little longer to work if you eat them on a full stomach.
When To Use CBD in the Evening
People use CBD in the evenings to enjoy its naturally soothing properties that help to ease feelings of tension. CBD also supports the body’s natural sleep process, making it easier to get a great night’s rest. You need to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, and anything you can do to support the process is worth a shot.
If you eat an early dinner and go to bed late, you can take your CBD before bed. Your dinner will have had enough time to digest. If you eat a late dinner, use your CBD before your meal to give it a digestive head start.
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All Day Support
Many people find the benefits of CBD helpful both in the morning and at night. Most people want to help support their stress management systems throughout the day and get better sleep at night. A morning dose of CBD combined with a nighttime dose of CBD will support your body around the clock.
What CBD Gummy Should I Choose?
The goal is to find a gummy you’ll only need to eat one of. These gummies must come from a reputable company that tests their products.
It’s also important that each gummy contains the proper amount of CBD per serving. You’ll also want to know what other ingredients went into the formula. Some CBD gummies contain herbal ingredients that provide your body with additional support.
Check the Lab Test Results
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How do you know what your CBD gummies actually contain? You shouldn’t have to take the company’s word for it.
Less than reputable companies have come under fire for inaccurately labeling their CBD products or even selling unsafe products. You don’t know what you’re actually getting without lab test results.
Reputable CBD companies send each batch of their products out to a third-party lab. The lab will verify the amount of CBD each sample contains. They can also check for contaminants, residual pesticides, and heavy metals.
The company should link the lab report, called a certificate of analysis, on the product page for each product. Always review the lab results before you buy CBD gummies.
If the information checks out, you’re good to go. If the company doesn’t post lab results, shop elsewhere. There are plenty of other CBD companies willing to prove that they’re honest with their customers.
Check the Dosage Per Gummy
Day and Night CBD gummies

Day and Night CBD gummies

CBD gummies aren’t a good deal if each piece only contains negligible CBD. Make sure each piece contains a sufficient amount. Search for a gummy that contains 25 mg of CBD per piece if you’re looking to follow the suggestions of the CBD wellness community.
What Other Ingredients Do the Gummies Contain?
CBD gummies often contain the same ingredients as gummy candy. If you’re only eating one per day, it’s unlikely to mess up your diet or healthy eating plan. What you should be looking for are other active ingredients.
Some CBD gummies contain CBD as their only beneficial ingredient. That’s perfectly fine if you’re using CBD for general wellness. There are also CBD gummies formulated for daytime and CBD gummies formulated for nighttime. Why not choose a gummy that does more?
Pure Relief daytime CBD gummies are made with an energy-supporting blend, including green tea extract and ginkgo Biloba. Our nighttime gummies incorporate soothing ingredients like chamomile and lemon balm to help you unwind.
CBD gummies

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The Moral of the Story
You shouldn’t be snacking on CBD gummies throughout the day. There are much more cost-effective ways to get your sweet treat fix. You should only need one or two CBD gummies throughout the day, and if you use two, you should space them at least eight hours apart.
Pure Relief’s CBD gummies contain 25 mg per piece. You can enjoy a daytime gummy when you wake up and use a nighttime gummy as a bedtime booster. Two Pure Relief CBD gummies per day can provide support from sunup to sundown.
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