How Does CBD Oil Work? Part II
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How Does CBD Oil Work? Part II

How Does CBD Oil Work? Part II

We want it the other natural forming chemicals around it. How does CBD And Hemp Oil Work? I guess it’s the same as when people say you know: eat real food because there’s a different effect when you have real food versus a supplement, for example, and you’ve just got me thinking there, then so when we try extract it, you know the the CBD from A hemp plant, then we are drawing in all these other entourage, chemicals, where we and it’s not just somehow.

How Does CBD and Hemp Oil and Work

It depends on how the extraction goes. What people that I’ve been working with the election oil company has been using a supercritical co2 extraction, so they’re using carbon dioxide as the solvent to pull out the cannabinoids and the fight halls and the flavonoids that come from it and that process gets the the greatest How does CBD And Hemp Oil Work? And the fullest extraction of that entourage at the same time, whereas it doesn’t contain any alcohol or toxic substances that are going to be irritating or cause any problem, it’s also very healthy for the environment as well.

How Does CBD Oil Work? Part II


How Does CBD Oil Work

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Ok, so that’s the top tip there already is look for co2 extracted CBD oil. That’s the what people need to look for. I think that’s a key and important thing, but the other point that they need to look for is they need to look at the certificate of analysis. That’s done by a third party that examines exactly what is in the product that they’re looking at. So you want to know, certainly how much cannabidiol is there.

You want to know if it contains any THC which it should not. You want to look at, perhaps some of the other cannabinoids that are present in it. You want to make sure it doesn’t have any toxins or solvents or any biologic substance, though so that it has bacteria in it or heavy metals or pesticides, and that should all be available when you’re looking for a product. So you know exactly what’s in and then you’re not going to cause additional damage as a result of it.

I just want to go back to I didn’t and talk about cannabidiol the molecule. It’s a it’s actually a small molecule. It’s a small fat molecule. It’s 22 carbons, and so it’s not a whole lot different than some of the oils that we take in like medium chain triglycerides or coconut oil. It’s very similar and the body processes through this fat metabolism mechanism and as a result of that, it’s it’s you seeing a system that we haven’t learned a whole lot about, but it is key and important to the body’s overall function.

In fact, on some of the other molecules that you may be familiar with, like omega-3 fats that are DHA and EPA are actually very, very similar to cannabidiol and some of the other cannabinoids. So that’s fascinating way that I know that you’re, a fan of the low carb diets or the ketogenic diet and that’s another reason out. I I wanted to get you on, because the reason I got interested in the keto world was because of seizure patients and going Wow okay.

So these these fat molecules these ketones all these ketone bodies. They seem to be good for our neurology for our brain and what you’re saying here is that the cannabinoid can have been oh yeah, okay, the cannabinoids in avonlea in a bird’s. They are sort of following the same pathways and that’s you know I’m going to get onto that in later into our discussion about some of the common things to use the CBD oil in.

How Does CBD Oil Work? Part II

How Does CBD Oil Work

But you know for seizure patients, so it’s it’s yeah. I want to delve deeper into sort of that field later on into the discussion for sure, but just pulling back into then just to finish off with the quality aspect before we get into that. So taking hemp oil on its own is not the same as just taking CBD oil. So do you, I guess, are you going to get a much smaller percentage of CBD in hemp oil? If someone had to take it as a supplement or is it or the to the same right, just if it’s, if it’s considered it’s it’s hard to say depending it’s what the manufacturer really wants it to be.

So if it’s just hemp oil, then it’s not a whole lot different than olive oil. You just you, have to look at the individual ingredients and very very low concentrations of any cannabinoids that our president lots of good things. There are some omega-3s, but it doesn’t have a high concentration of any of the cannabinoids that our president now oftentimes we. So you have to look very closely at the label because some of the cannabidiol, the CBD products, are actually being labeled as hemp oil.

In order to probably get around restrictions and legislation and negative aspects that people associate with hemp so that it’s more easily available – and I can only explain it that way, because you have to look at the label to find out how much cannabidiol is actually located in The product mm-hmm, okay, so talking physiology stuff again, when I read that documentary I didn’t realize that the human body makes can Anna KITT Kenneth can Anna Boyd.

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