CBD Oil for Dementia
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CBD Oil for Dementia

CBD Oil for Dementia

CBD Oil for Dementia

CBD has entered the mainstream within the last half-decade or so. This is attributed not only to a limited amount of research that shows it may provide health benefits for medical conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, and inflammation but also due to the anecdotal evidence that many people have discovered from using CBD.

While people have found that CBD may benefit their conditions, additional research is needed to understand why CBD may provide these benefits, along with knowing what the short and long-term efficacy of utilizing CBD may provide.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized growing hemp, and while this has allowed the CBD industry to explode, the industry is in somewhat of a gray area when it comes to the FDA and regulation.

Although, there have been numerous studies completed many more are needed, including potential benefits that CBD oil may provide for Dementia.

In this article, CBD School will explain what Dementia is, and what is currently known about the benefits CBD may provide for those who are suffering from this debilitating disease.

What is Dementia?

CBD Oil for Dementia

CBD Oil for Dementia

Dementia is actually an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions that affect one’s daily life, and the ability to care for oneself. Some of the common conditions are loss of memory, a decline in the ability to think properly, aggressiveness, and agitation.

While Dementia could affect people at a younger age, the age group of people between the ages of 55 – 90 is the one that is usually associated with Dementia.

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of Dementia, however, there is a short list of disorders that fall under the umbrella term Dementia.

Below we will explain what each of these is.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Accounting for 60% – 80% of Dementia cases, Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by specific changes in the brain. The disease progressively gets worse, and one of the common signs is that someone has repeated short-term memory loss. This may show in the form of not remembering a conversation that happened a few minutes ago, or possibly earlier in the day.

Vascular Dementia

cbd oil for dementia

The next most common type is Vascular Dementia which roughly 10% of Dementia patients have. This disorder happens due to minuscule amounts of blood and blood vessel blockage in the brain. Symptoms that are common are strokes and mini-strokes.

Lewy Body Dementia

On top of memory loss symptoms, those that suffer from Lewy Body Dementia also experience balance and overall movement issues. Some experience muscle stiffness or trembling, while possibly having trouble falling asleep, along with possible hallucinations.

Fronto-temporal Dementia

The symptoms associated with this type of Dementia are someone saying inappropriate or out-of-character comments or behaving out of character.

Mixed Dementia

This type of Dementia is exactly what it sounds like when someone has multiple types of Dementia. This is not always easy to diagnose since many symptoms overlap, and sadly if someone has Mixed Dementia the disease may progress quicker than having a singular type of Dementia.

CBD Oil for Dementia

CBD Oil for Dementia

Can CBD Oil Treat Dementia or its Symptoms?

Sadly, research about the potential benefits of CBD and Dementia is quite sparse. There have been a couple of studies completed that didn’t prove or disprove much about the efficacy of CBD and its ability to assist in the treatment of Dementia.

In 2021 the study titled Cannabinoids for the treatment of Dementia said that “We found low-certainty evidence suggesting there may be little or no clinically important effect of cannabinoids on overall behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia assessed with the Neuropsychiatric Inventory.”1

The same study came to the conclusion, similar to other studies that have been done around the subject of CBD, that “Adequately powered, methodologically robust trials with longer follow-up are needed to properly assess the effects of cannabinoids in dementia.”1

While it’s a bit early to understand what the potential CBD could have on patients with Dementia there are a few positive signs between the symptoms, of those that have Dementia, and what CBD has shown to potentially treat.

These include inflammation which is a symptom of many conditions including Alzheimer’s. Since inflammation elevates the impact, in a negative way, of Alzheimer’s Disease it is a good sign that CBD can assist those who are dealing with inflammation.

CBD Oil for Dementia

As mentioned above Vascular Dementia affects the blood from flowing properly, among other symptoms. CBD has shown potential in helping blood flow within the body, again a positive sign

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