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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Products

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

Cannabis is growing more popular worldwide with every day that passes by. With several states and countries legalising cannabis, weed smokers now have the freedom to explore diverse tastes and strains. Besides the high effects, cannabis supposedly has some medicinal benefits (I can’t legally comment on this matter for frustrating reasons). Thus, researchers and health practitioners are increasingly recommending it for certain treatments.

Cannabis consumption is a broad subject, and you might be interested in exploring some little-known facts. Below are seven interesting things you probably didn’t know about cannabis:

  1. There Are Over 700 Strains 

Gone are the days when the only known strains were Indica and Sativa. The cannabis plant contains over 500 compounds. From the compounds, it’s possible to get different strains of weed. You can’t put an exact number on the numerous strains, as new ones are discovered day by day. Popular cannabis strains include:

  • Dutch treat
  • Green crack
  • Super lemon haze
  • Animal cookies
  • White rhino
  • Pennywise
  • Original glue
  • Chemdog
  • Gushers
  • Forbidden fruit
  • Gelato
  • Ice cream cake
  • Biscotti

All strains are unique in flavor and potency. Different combinations create hybrids, offering even more flavors and effects.

As flavor is subjective, you might want to try different strains and figure out the aroma that intrigues you the most. Settle on a few and alternate between them for a fulfilling smoking experience.

Cannabis Products

  1. The Largest Producer Of Weed Is Morocco 

Morocco is said to have 47,000 hectares of cannabis. Even so, it’s illegal to sell or purchase CBD products, recreational cannabis, or medicinal cannabis in the country. They allegedly only grow it for export, though many people break the law and smoke it openly.

Mexico comes in second, and Nigeria is third. Other cannabis-growing countries include India, Colombia, Afghanistan, South Africa, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Canada, Paraguay, and the U.S.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Products
6 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Products 3
  1. You Can Eat Cannabis Products Raw

You can eat the cannabis buds raw. However, they don’t have any strong or rich flavors when taken raw. Cannabis only exhibits psychoactive benefits through heating and decarboxylation. Without heat, THC remains in its acidic state, known as THCA, which can’t get you high.

But raw cannabis is excellent for medicinal uses. The terpenes are believed to be relaxing, stress-relieving, and promote focus. Hence, they are suitable for a sound night’s sleep. Moreover, it’s a leafy green full of fiber, calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamins C and K, promoting gut health and fighting free radicals.

  1. Inhalation Is The Most Common Method Of Cannabis Products Consumption

Puff and pass is a common term among weed smokers. Inhalation is the most common method of smoking weed. In most cases, seasoned stoners will have smoking sessions in groups. Once they light a blunt, they circulate it until the last puff.

Cannabis Products

While there are several other ways of taking in the product, like dabbing and through edibles like cannabutter, inhalation is the most popular. However, enjoying the cannabis effect is mainly a matter of preference.

  1. Only Female Cannabis Can Get You High   

Another interesting fact about marijuana is that the female plant produces high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) buds. The male plant doesn’t produce any buds at all. As such, growers remove the male plant before it releases pollen and contaminates the female buds. However, the male plant is useful for breeding.

Compared to the female plant, the THC levels in the male plant are lower. THC is the psychoactive compound that makes you high. So if your weed contains less THC content, you might not reach your desired high.

  1. The Cannabis Effect Can Apparently Be Gender Based   

Recently the media have been reporting around a couple of studies that went live stating that ‘Women are more sensitive to cannabis effects’. According to several studies, females are more sensitive to the pain-relieving effects of cannabis products. Supposedly, they have higher estrogen levels, making them more THC-tolerant. Tolerance implies that, as one gets used to THC, they need higher doses to feel the same way they felt with the first dose. On the same note, smoking concentrated cannabis can be riskier for women.

Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

On the other hand, males are more prone to munchies than females after consuming cannabis products. It refers to the desire for salty, sweet, or fatty carbohydrate-rich foods. THC is said to be responsible for creating food cravings, as it penetrates the regions of the brain (hypothalamus and rhombencephalon) responsible for appetite. THC partially binds to cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1), activating it. Besides the brain, CB1 is also found in the basal ganglia, stomach, and small intestine.


Cannabis growth, extraction, and consumption are riddled with numerous interesting facts you may want to know about. The above-listed items are but the tip of the iceberg; read more material to explore even more wonders of weed. On the other hand, research is still ongoing on several aspects of the cannabis plant and its products, meaning more revelations are yet to come.

Cannabis Products

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