Portland Fueled

Blank Label Manufacturing is proud to call Portland its home as we’ve been able to collaborate with small and local businesses across the bridge city and the beautiful state of Oregon. We are proud to also be working with states across the nation including Michigan, Idaho, Georgia, and Texas.

It is an exciting time as hemp is empowering and bringing together people from all backgrounds to share their stories and innovative products based around healing and feeling good. At Blank Label we are inspired by hemp and its natural healing powers. We create unique and effective products that will make you feel refreshed and empowered! We believe in the power of inclusivity and sponsoring a variety of brands so that CBD can make its way to every group of people.

At Blank Label, we can help you create, package, label, and promote your own unique line of products. Let us kick your business into full gear! We can even advertise your products on our social media accounts and help drive customers to your site.

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