Bloomble Purple Octane Exotic Hemp Flower (LIMITED EDITION)


Bloomble Purple Octane Exotic Hemp Flower

This is a product that will 1000% make you question whether or not it’s conventional Delta 9 marijuana or hemp. This is truly the single most exotic hemp flower on the market. The bag appeal of this product alone has the ability to win any convention or competition against its counterparts. When you open up the calyx container be prepared for the aroma to entirely fill the room. The aroma is intoxicating by itself. Buckle up your seat belts, this is the most superior hemp flower on the market today.

Weight: 3.5 grams
Aroma: Earthy/Gassy

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Bloomble Purple Octane Exotic Hemp Flower

Bloomble’s Purple Octane Exotic Hemp Flower is the most superior flower on the market today. You can tell by directing your mouse and scrolling over the photo that this hemp flower has an absolutely incredible amount of trichomes. To the untrained eye the amount of trichomes on this flower almost make it seem as if this flower was artificially procured with excess kief. When you get this flower in your presence, please be prepared to have your entire room filled with the aroma of excellence. Not only does the look of this flower supersede expectations, but the smell alone shatters even a connoisseurs standards of hemp flower aromatics and overall experience. The taste is absolutely fantastic and the experience is one that you are going to want to tell others about. Purple Octane is the best hemp flower genetic out on the market, to date!

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