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CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture

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cbdMD’s best-in-class CBD oil tinctures are now water soluble! We use special nano CBD technology to create a tincture that your body absorbs quickly and that dissolves fully in any water-based beverage. So add our water soluble CBD oil to your daily CBD regimen, whether you take it straight or mix with your morning coffee, evening tea, or any drink you like. It’s still made with our premium hemp extract drawn from non-GMO plants grown right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting the best of nature with cutting-edge science.

  • Nanoencapsulation Technology makes tincture water soluble and fast absorbing
  • No need to hold it under the tongue
  • Based in non-oily glycerin with natural sweetness
  • Choose Unflavored or zesty Lemon


CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture

CBD World Mall
CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture
CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture
CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture
CBD World Mall (once known as CBD Shopping 247) has taken the Top 13 of thousands of CBD Product manufactures and brought them to you on one site, at the lowest price possible (lower than the original manufacturer).
CBD Can be effective in helping with stress, pain and sleep trouble among many additional issues.

Water soluble CBD oil tinctures provide you with all the benefits of CBD in a convenient, fast-acting form. Like all cbdMD products, it incorporates the extract of non-GMO hemp grown domestically under strict federal standards, but is made a nano CBD technique that encapsulates tiny amounts of the extract in shells that bond with the CBD on the inside but also dissolve in water. That way, we can infuse the CBD in non-oily glycerin to make a water soluble product.

Water soluble CBD is perfect for making CBD drinks, and also is more readily absorbed by your body than oil-based products. While we recommend holding our CBD oil tinctures under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing for fastest results, our water soluble CBD oil acts just as quickly when swallowed immediately. It’s another way we give you more options to fit CBD into your lifestyle.

CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture


One of the most popular reasons to take CBD is that it aids relaxation. Using a CBD oil tincture every day can help keep your body in balance and your mind calm, and a water soluble CBD tincture gives you the added opportunity to combine it with a relaxing beverage, like tea.

CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture


Water Soluble CBD oil is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle, because you can take it quickly and feel the benefits in around 30 minutes. That makes it perfect for managing stressful times in your life, whether due to work, travel, life transitions, or all of the above!

CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture


Taking CBD oil before or after a workout can enhance muscle recovery by helping muscles relax and easing stiffness and discomfort. Water soluble CBD is great for mixing into a sports drink as you rehydrate after a workout! For more targeted post-workout options, check out our CBD topicals enhanced with pain medicines.

CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture


A water soluble CBD oil tincture gives you maximum flexibility for fitting CBD into your everyday wellness regimen. Take exactly how much you want, in exactly the way you want – whether straight, mixed in your favorite drink, or in one of our great CBD recipes.

CBDMD Water Soluble CBD Tincture


Every batch of CBD in our water soluble CBD oil is made from hemp with no more than 0.3% THC content and rigorously tested to ensure that the end product is THC-free.* So even if you’re avoiding all intoxicants, you can take our CBD oil as part of your everyday routine.

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Lemon, Unflavored

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