Myriams Hemp Enhanced CBD FECO


Myriams Hemp Enhanced CBD FECO

400 MG/ML +- of CBD per 1ml Syringe + 8 more Cannabinoids and vast array of  beneficial flavonoids and Terpenes

What is CBD FECO?
Full extract cannabis oil (FECO), also known as RSO, is a concentrated extract derived from the cannabis plant which contains many beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other plant compounds.

Why Choose CBD FECO over a CBD tincture?
For those that find that a much higher potency of CBD delivers the desired effect, CBD FECO is a great solution, as it is much more concentrated than a tincture infused with a carrier oil.
If you are taking higher than 200mg of CBD per day, our FECO may be the right product for you, as you can intake less oil per serving.

Why Choose Myriam’s Hemp Enhanced FECO?
Traditional FECO, or as some call it RSO, has the reputation for being a black/dark color, extracted with harsh chemicals. The downside of oils being made in this manner is that in the extraction process using these harsh chemicals and the heat used creates carcinogens in the oil which gives it it’s characteristically dark color.

We recognized this problem and have come up with a propriety system that will allow us to remove those harsh and potentially carcinogenic compounds. Our Enhanced FECO is a beautiful golden color, and contains a vast array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and plant matter that will maximize your benefits without adding unwanted negative compounds.

We have also made our product easier to take by providing them in 1ml oral syringes, allowing you to easily dispense without the mess and waste that is usually associated with most RSO or FECO products on the market today.

Myriams Hemp Enhanced CBD FECO:

Sourced from Organically Grown Hemp

Free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful toxins.

100% hemp oil, no additives or fillers.

Third party lab tested for purity

Contains Vast array of beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

No mess application.

Easy to use on the go.

Highly concentrated with 400mg+ of full spectrum CBD per 1ml Oral Syringe.

Convenient for those who need much higher potency of CBD daily.

Supports a sense of calm and focus.

Helps with reducing exercise-induced inflammation.

Helps manage stress.

Ingredients: Organically grown hemp oil.

See the Lab Results: Check the bottom of your bottle for the batch code.

Myriams Hemp Enhanced CBD FECO



Myriams Hemp Enhanced CBD FECO

Our products are made with premium hemp and we use only full-spectrum oil in all of our products.

We formulate all of our products to ensure maximum absorption.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Suggested starting use:

Start with .1ml  2-3 times a day spread out 5-6 hours apart or use as needed. Increase slowly as needed for desired effects, or use as directed by a medical professional. For oral use only.

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