Premium Jane CBD Gummies 3-Pack (25mg CBD per Gummy)

(9 customer reviews)


No animal products
Laboratory tested for safety, purity, and potency
Free from pesticides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers
25mg CBD per gummie



Premium Jane CBD Gummies 3-Pack

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Priority number one here at Premium Jane has always been quality. We make zero compromises when it comes to ingredients, extract procedures, and general manufacturing processes: Premium Jane CBD Gummies 3-Pack

Premium Jane CBD Gummies 3-Pack: This is one of the reasons we use only USA-grown, small-batch hemp. Our products are made from the industry’s finest genetically-selected plants, and this results in CBD products that are superior on all levels in terms of quality and effectiveness.

However, one of the few disadvantages of using small-batch extracts is we do from time to time have to place products on backorder while we await the next harvest. To avoid the potential of customers not having their favorite Premium Jane product available when they need it, we are now offering our entire 750 mg CBD Gummies range in bulk.

Premium Jane Bulk CBD Gummies | 750mg
In addition to helping ensure customers that they’ve always got adequate access to their favorite CBD gummies, buying CBD Gummies (750mg) in bulk also represents an easy and convenient way to save time — and money.

Additionally, purchasing bulk is a great opportunity for those interested in CBD retail options to get started in the business. If you’re serious about marketing and selling some of the industry’s most popular – and most trusted – CBD products, visit the Premium Jane Wholesale Registration Page to learn more about bulk purchasing and shipping options.

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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Premium Jane CBD Gummies 3-Pack (25mg CBD per Gummy)

  1. Aimee

    Verified Buyer
    The best gummies I’ve ever tried, without a doubt. So flavorful and a decent dose of CBD too

  2. Kelly U.

    Verified Buyer

    I love gummies as I have a major sweet tooth and so these really hit the spot right lol

  3. Ron K.

    Verified Buyer

    Love that these are vegan-friendly. A great addition to my regular CBD routine.

  4. Ben J.

    Verified Buyer

    These gummies are insane. I use them sometimes 3 times a day and the results have been incredible.

  5. Patrick Barr

    Verified Buyer

    Been a loyal customer of Premium Jane’s gummies for a while so wanted to try the lime option. I was surprised at how real they taste unfortunately I think I prefer their strawberry gummies.

  6. Thomas H.

    Verified Buyer

    I think for me the melatonin is what really helps to do the trick. I’ve tried straight CBD gummies in the past… work ok but for me these are far better

  7. Sheryl

    Verified Buyer

    These gummies are amazing.
    Seriously haven’t slept this well since I can’t remember how long

  8. Jarred Jones

    Verified Buyer

    It took really a while to find a way to have CBD that suits me not only as a method but in this case taste plays a huge role in that wether I’d be a diligent consumer since flavor is more than an important factor to me. I like it. I was sceptical because the combination seemed a little alternative and weird but my friend was right, it’s the perfect thing for mango and berry to be combined

  9. Doug J.

    Verified Buyer
    Work really well. I’ll recommend

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