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How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair MD

Philip Blair. Dr. Blair, is a family physician and consultant in disease management for workers insurance programs. He is also a retired US Army, colonel who was a combat physician in the Gulf War and retired after 29 years in uniform since 2014, dr. Blair has been consulting, treating patients and lecturing about How Does CBD Oil Work and how it can improve serious medical disorders.

Phillip thanks so much for coming on to the episode today, hey great to be here, I’m wonderful to be tapping into the UK and all of your affiliates and whoever you talk with yeah. So yeah, I’m based on a little island, called the island man which is just off the UK, but so yeah. I’ve got a lot of UK listeners, but also a lot of American listeners. So, How Does CBD Oil Work. So you know we were transatlantic, we’re going to cross and even down in Australia in South Africa there’s a lot of different people were going to listen to you today.

Well, I love to talk to those people as well and part of my international consultancy on cannabidiol. Actually takes me to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in addition to Japan and even Korea Wow. So you know that’s what we’re talking about today’s. Why is CBD not being used more and more widely, and it’s great to hear that yet loads of countries and people around the world want to use it. So I mean I’m, I’m excited, I know you’re super excited about How Does CBD oil work and and all the other cannabinoids.

How Does CBD oil work

Part 1

How Does CBD Oil Work

So, just sorry for listeners, I’m going to get a bit tongue-tied on that stuff today, but the the reason I’ve just to give people a little bit of background. I recently just got a little tub of it myself little spray to put on the tongue and from there I decided to sort of geek out more about it, and I got to read the scientist documentary about how it was discovered and that dr. Michelin and how, In the story that he goes through and it’s fascinating and so to sort of get us into this, for people who don’t know anything about it, could you just explain what is CBD? What are we talking about? Okay, but let me first say that I am a family physician, primarily that was my graduate training after medicine, so I’ve been, I did the whole nine yards delivered.

Babies did vasectomies, took care of infants, children, adults and geriatrics. The whole thing – and I was – I was practiced – that for the entire time that I was in the military until I retired in 96, then I went. I started doing disease management starting in 2000 and then I’m trying to figure out mechanisms and ways to to hack the body and try and trying to get the outcomes that we should be seeing from current medical therapy, but we’re not really achieving those.

And so that’s. That’s part of my course and and how I’ve been there now moving back to a cannabidiol. This is a substance and it’s commonly referred to as CBD, and it comes from him now. If we talk about the hemp plant there or the cannabis plant, it’s really of two varieties. On the one hand, you’ve got marijuana that contains THC. On the other hand, you’ve got the heme, sometimes called industrial hemp that doesn’t contain any significant amount of THC, but it has most of the cannabidiol, so THC makes you high CBD makes you healthy and fundamentally that is the principle, that’s behind it.

How Does CBD Oil Work

Okay, yeah! So I think that’s what I always like to just bring that up in the beam, because it seems like that’s the most common misconception like myth breaking number one. Is that it’s not marijuana? It’S not the stuff that gets you high. When you take the spray could so I can tell people, no, I didn’t get high by spraying this stuff under my tongue, so you mentioned earlier there too about industrial hemp.

Do we get different types of hemp, then? Well, there’s several different species. Well, they’re, not actually species are called cultivars and there we sometimes separate them into cannabis, sativa or one of some of the other varieties, but it’s and a lot of people will focus on that. I don’t focus on that. The sativa is the most common variety and has the highest levels of cannabidiol, and there are cultivars that come from the industrial hemp that or from the marijuana plant that provide different combinations of other substances.

What dr. Mushy lumps calls the entourage – and these are also very important – there are the other cannabinoids that are in the plant – is probably about a hundred that are in just this plant alone and there’s many others have found in nature. But there’s also terpenes, and these are small fat molecules that contain. I have a different blend. Then the terpenes are the things that you are have strong odor that you encounter so such as pine scent or lemon or grapefruit.

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How Does CBD Oil Work

How Does CBD Oil Work

They actually are some of these compounds. These fragrant essential oils that are commonly used that have stimulating properties on the body. In addition, so within the plant there are also flavonoids and other substances and fight halls that are quite valuable to the body. We just haven’t really drilled down into these biologic substance. In the advantage now, the important thing – and I want to get across – is that that entourage that those extra substances are very valuable in terms of how the CBD is working within the body, because that’s part of that entourage that makes the really good effects that come From it so yeah it’s, we don’t just want something in isolation completely.

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