Colorado Hemp Honey PET HIP ‘N’ JOINT 1OZ

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Colorado Hemp Honey PET HIP ‘N’ JOINT

We have combined three powerful ingredients to help soothe, comfort and support your pet.

Colorado Hemp Honey PET HIP ‘N’ JOINT is a Terpene rich, full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD will help engage your pets endocannabinoid system and help calm, soothe and support a healthy inflammatory response in your pet.

Bee propolis straight from our bee hives may help ease seasonal and environmental allergies that may cause irritability.

We have also added the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil to help your pet easily absorb the tincture and support better overall digestion.


Hip-n-Joint: Coconut oil (MCT), full spectrum hemp extract, bee propolis tincture, natural salmon flavor (vegetarian)

The Colorado Hemp Honey Difference for Pets
We triple test our tincture for purity and potency.
We donate 10 cents from each bottle of your tincture purchase to support Freedom Service Dogs of America.
Serving Recommendations

Each 1 oz bottle contains 500 mg of calming hemp supplement.
Each 1 oz (30 ml) bottle contains 30 servings per bottle at 17 mg of hemp extract per serving (approximately 1 dropper).
Suggested Daily Use:
1-2 times daily, adjust as needed
Under 25lbs:………………1/4 dropper
25lbs – 75lbs:……..1/4 – 1/2 dropper
Over 75lbs:……………1/2 – 1 dropper

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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Colorado Hemp Honey PET HIP ‘N’ JOINT 1OZ

  1. Billie J.

    Verified Buyer
    works very well for our dogs thank you

  2. Cynthia F.

    Verified Buyer
    He loves it!
    Our dog loves the bacon flavor and gets excited when he knows it’s time for his treat.

  3. Kristen C.

    Verified Buyer
    Fireworks! My 4yr old dog does not like fireworks. A normal night with fireworks consists of him running up and down the stairs peeing in the house panting and shaking. No matter what I do I can’t console him. By giving him this product about and hour to 2 hours after he eats if I know there’s going to be fireworks or thunderstorm. He now just wants to curl with me…

  4. Peggy M.

    Verified Buyer
    It works! My dog suffers from anxiety around large booms, specifically fireworks and thunder. 1/2 a dropper of Pet Crazy Bee Gone calms her down tremendously.

  5. Valerie H.

    Verified Buyer
    Amazing. I sent this to my mom for her cats and dogs. One of her cats is getting old and it is harder for her to move around comfortable and stay active. Since using this my mom says the older cat is becoming more playful and is getting up and moving around more! She seems to be in a better mood. Also her dog loves the taste and no longer wakes up in the middle of the night whining outside her door, when using this. Truly an amazing product!

  6. Kearny R.

    Verified Buyer
    Dog loves it
    My anxious dog love this product!

  7. Roberta_D

    Verified Buyer
    Works great for my one dogs anxiety and the others pain

  8. Carlie A.

    Verified Buyer
    Works like a charm! Our big guy has a bit of thunder storm anxiety as well as large group anxiety. We do a full dose for storms and half a dose when we have guests. This works very well. I’ve also used the honey original sticks for him and they’ve worked very well too! Overall love this vendor and their quality products.

  9. Carolin H.

    Verified Buyer
    My dog loves the bacon taste and the extra strength helps with his anxiety to keep in check.

  10. Kimberly M.

    Verified Reviewer
    15 yr old pup is less stiff now!
    Our old girl Foxi has been an athlete her entire life…a very active pup who is now showing signs of pain and stiffness in her joints as she continues in her golden years. Giving her the Hip & Joint formula twice a day seems to keep her more active and willing to run and play with her younger playmate.

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